Our Team

Kristina M. Fanning, PhD

Dr Fanning has been working as a marketing research consultant since 1996, She has been involved in the design and implementation of both qualitative and quantitative projects. She has managed the data collection process to ensure adherence to experimental design, conduct quality control checks on incoming data files to ensure data accuracy. Kristina works directly with clients on creating statistical analysis plans that complement client's needs and providing ideas for additional directions. She has contributed statistical analyses to numerous manuscripts published in professional peer-reviewed journals including Headache, Cephalgia, International Journal of Clinical Practice, Diabetes Research and Clinical practice and Neurology.

Kristina has served as onsite statistician during advisory board meetings, working with key physician experts to outline data analysis plans and confirm the feasibility of analysis topics based on existing data. This streamlined the data analysis process saving valuable time for meeting journal and marketing deadlines.
Dr. Fanning graduated with PhD in Experimental Psychology from Adelphi University in 1998. She has since worked in the healthcare industry with experience spanning multiple disease areas and product categories.

Michael L. Reed, PhD

Dr. Reed has a broad base of healthcare and consumer industry experience spanning multiple disease areas and product categories. After graduate work in Psychology and Human Development, Michael completed post-doctoral research training at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. He subsequently moved to industry and worked three years in consumer products/nutritionals at Bristol-Myers Squibb and then nine years in pharmaceuticals at GlaxoSmithKline. Michael's experience includes new product research, forecasting, positioning, segmentation, and promotion development and testing.
Working as a marketing research consultant since 1998, Michael has been involved in the design and implementation of both qualitative and quantitative projects. He has moderated more than 600 focus group studies with consumers, physicians, nurses and pharmacists addressing a variety of research questions.

Michael has also collaborated with academic and industry sponsors in cross-sectional and longitudinal studies on consumer health and outcomes. This work has led to numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Ms Marske has been a Project Director for the past 20 years, managing sample design, questionnaire development and design details for many studies, including AMPP and CaMEO. She is highly involved in the questionnaire design process, including the adaptation of validated questionnaire instruments into formats familiar to panel members while maintaining instrument validity. She establishes and monitors recruiting quotas to assess potential response bias and consistency with current census demographics. Her project oversight assures accurate data for reporting needs. Ms. Marske has 35 years of experience with sampling and questionnaire design as well as other aspects of research. Prior to working with MIST she worked for five years at NFO Worldwide (now Kantar) as a Client Services Manager and was responsible for the development of panel sampling methods and quality control. Prior to that, she worked 18 years with Creative Marketing Enterprises, Inc. in a variety of roles including project management, study design, survey instrument development, data collection and data processing. She completed her education at Michigan State University, majoring in marketing with an emphasis on consumer research and a minor in computer science.