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We use quantitative and qualitative research methods

Scientific advancements never stop, and that's in part because of dedicated research specialists willing to look at those advancements with a critical eye. This is especially true in the medical field, where you need to continue learning about your patients and their health in order to provide the best possible care. That's where MIST Research & Statistical Consulting comes in.

Over the course of either weeks or months, depending on the subject, we'll gather detailed information on your patients. That way, we can answer your questions about the efficacy of certain treatments and find out where you have room for improvement. We work with patients, nurses, pharmacists and physicians to get the most current data.

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Detailed methods reveal a lot

Detailed methods reveal a lot

With over two decades in the medical research field, we know how to find the solutions you need. Gathering information begins with focus group discussions, in-depth interviews and surveys. Plus, subjects who are surveyed will receive journals to give feedback on day-to-day effects of treatment. This can help us gauge response over time. Journals are also used during trials to get an accurate idea of how people respond to medications.

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